Marshall Van Alstyne

Marshall Van Alstyne is the Questrom Chair Professor of Management at Boston University, with expertise in network and information economics.

His work explores how ICT affects firms, products, innovation, and society. Work or commentary have appeared in journals such as ScienceNature, Management Science, American Journal of SociologyStrategic Management Journal, The Economist,New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. He is coauthor of the international bestseller Platform Revolution, translated into eight languages, and co-creator of the concept of two-sided network effects taught worldwide. His joint article on the subject is a top 50 of all-time for Harvard Business Review. Van Alstyne has consulted for Accenture, Alibaba, BASF, BMW, Cisco, Dun & Bradstreet, Google, HSBC, Intel, Mahindra, Microsoft, NTT, SAP, Viacom, Telecom Italia, UBS and many others.  His work has received National Science Foundation IOC, SGER, iCORPS, SBIR and Career Awards, 10,000 citations, and a dozen various academic awards.  He is a frequent keynote speaker and board level advisor. He received a BA in computer science from Yale and MS and Ph.D. in information systems economics from MIT.    

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