IDE Lunch Seminar Series - Fall 2016

December 7, 2016
MIT Sloan School of Management, 100 Main Street, E62-450, Cambridge, MA 02142

These informal lunch seminars include early results from current MIT research projects and guest presentations from our Digital Economy network. Also available via webcast.


The Fall 2016 series included:

September 21 - Pedro Domingos (University of Washington).  Click here for video.

September 28 - Luis von Ahn (Carnegie Mellon University). Click here for video

October 12 - Xiang Hui, Christos Nicolaides, and Meng Liu (MIT). 

November 9 - Sagit Bar-Gill, Shan Huang, and Ananya Sen (MIT).

December 7 - Paul Osterman (MIT).


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