MIT’s Thomas Kochan and MIT IDE’s Jonathan Ruane on the Future of Work

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Jonathan Ruane, Research Scientist at the MIT IDE, recently spoke at a conference on Work of The Future in Dublin, Ireland, addressing how digital technologies are changing the landscape there, and how to adapt. Ruane discussed policies that might best prepare the country given a backdrop of international protectionism, automation, and Brexit. While specific to Ireland, the broader discussion also provides lessons for other small, open economies, as well.

Ruane was joined by other MIT Sloan faculty including Professors John Van Reenan and Thomas Kochan. The conference was organized with the Higher Education Authority of Ireland, and was attended by the Minister for Higher Education, heads of several major universities, and 200 key stakeholders from government, education, and the private sector. One conclusion: Entrepreneurship is a vital ingredient to unlocking the future.

Read more on our blog, and listen to the full interview on Irish radio here.