Devin Cook

Associate Director

Devin Cook is Interim Associate Director at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE). Previously, she co-founded and led the IDE’s Inclusive Innovation Challenge, a $1.5 million future of work prize for startups. A Fulbright Scholar, she researched entrepreneurship and economic development among textile artisans in India. She has conducted research with MIT innovation and entrepreneurship faculty, worked at multiple start-ups, mentored over 100 start-up founders, and teaches entrepreneurship at accelerators nationwide. Devin is an Advisory Board member of Humans for AI, a Jurist for the INDEX: Award – the world’s largest design prize, and a board member of the Maine Women’s Fund. She earned a BA from Middlebury College and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where she was awarded the Ronald I. Heller Award for her contribution to entrepreneurship education on campus.

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