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The MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) explores how people and businesses will work, interact, and prosper in an era of profound digital transformation.

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Productivity, Employment, and Inequality
Big Data and Information Privacy
New Digital Business Models
Social Analytics and Digital Experimentation

What will the workforce of the future look like, and how can we accelerate the transformation of institutions, organizations, and human skills to keep up with the quickening pace of digital innovation? 

How can we harness the remarkably fine-grained, real-time data now available to answer age-old questions and identify new opportunities? 

What new business models are made possible by digitization? How can entrepreneurs more quickly implement these models in ways that create widespread benefits for all?

How do new technologies and new means of social interaction impact productivity, consumer demand, political mobilization, and public health?

MIT IDE Competition

The MIT IDE Inclusive Innovation Competition (IIC) celebrates organizations that are inventing a more inclusive, productive, and sustainable future for all. Awarding one million dollars in prizes, the IIC supports solutions that enable working people earning middle- and base-level incomes to share more equally in the prosperity created by digital technology.

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