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Sinan Aral Discusses Social Media Regulation on Yahoo!Finance

February 28, 2024

Social media oversight by U.S. state legislatures has been hotly contested and “legislatures can’t seem to find unanimity,” IDE Director, Sinan Aral, said on a recent Yahoo!Finance broadcast.  Late last month, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments about whether states, the federal government, or the companies themselves should moderate content.  If the top court takes the case, a decision could have major implications about what online content gets posted and what is prohibited on the sites.

At issue are state laws enacted by Florida and Texas that would stop social media platforms from supposedly suppressing certain political content. Aral expects the high court to send the cases back to the lower courts. When asked how the Supreme Court may lean.  he said,

“I think the justices are skeptical of these laws.

I don’t imagine that these two laws are going to be upheld in their entirety. I think that either they’re going to be overturned or the cases are going to be remanded for further development in the lower courts.”