Inclusive Innovation Challenge

The IIC is the flagship initiative of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. We award over one million dollars to global entrepreneurs using technology to drive economic opportunity for workers. The 3rd Annual IIC is a global tournament, launching in five regions — Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa, and Asia — in March 2018.

Reinvent the Future of Work
The 3rd Annual IIC launches in March 2018. Organizations in the early and growth stages from any nation are encouraged to apply.
IIC 2017 Featured in the Wall Street Journal
“Tech Innovators Open The Digital Economy To Job Seekers, Financially Underserved”
IIC 2017 Awards Celebration Coverage in Xconomy
"MIT Inclusive Innovation Awards Stress Optimism as Tech Reshapes Work"
IIC 2017 Coverage in the Boston Globe
"Alphabet, Inc’s Schmidt touches on AI, ethics, and Trump in HUBweek discussion"
Why Inclusive Innovation?

We live in perhaps the greatest age of technological innovation in human history. Yet many people are not experiencing the benefits of this progress, despite actively seeking to more fully participate in and benefit from new educational, financial, and work opportunities.  

While jobs that were once pathways to guaranteed prosperity have dramatically changed or disappeared, we believe that Inclusive Innovators, wielding technology as a tool, are creating solutions to this challenge today. By reinventing the future of work, Inclusive Innovators are empowering people to improve their income and participate more fully in our rapidly evolving digital economy.

Our Challenges

In each year of the Challenge, we discover the groundbreaking solutions that are reinventing the future of work to create greater shared prosperity today.

Our Supporters

Many organizations and individuals are increasingly focused on Inclusive Innovation, shared prosperity, and the future of work as paramount topics to address in today’s digital economy. We are fortunate to have the support of leading changemakers in this space. Our supporters’ engagement as judges, outreach partners, media collaborators, and financial sponsors makes the IIC possible.