IIC Featured on the Forum for the Future

May 31, 2017

The Futures Centre, a global community that tracks change and accelerates sustainable action, highlighted a blog by IIC Producer, Devin Wardell Cook.

The blog, Four Ways Technology Can Drive Inclusive Opportunities in the Digital Age, is featured in the  Forum for the Future section. It  notes  that "the Inclusive Innovation Challenge aims to showcase how more people can prosper in emerging areas of work." It continues:


As we enter a new Industrial Revolution, automation and digital devices are up-ending jobs, from cashiers to automotive assembly lines. Globally, career taxi drivers now compete for passengers with Lyft and Uber drivers, and new industries, like solar energy, employ more people than coal.  Smart devices, ubiquitous data, and mobile technologies are dramatically changing industries and societies.

The MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) believes that while technology can jettison existing jobs, it’s also constantly creating new jobs, services, and conveniences never considered before. Bitcoin and Blockchain may ease financial transactions across national borders and regions. As noted by Forum for the Future, “smart ways of connecting our behaviours to the physical realms we interact with could improve the efficiency of systems such as energy, healthcare, and transportation, and our quality of life.”

The grand challenge we face is how to accelerate the pace of job-creating innovation and the reinvention of sustainable work, while easing the transition for those whose jobs are lost in the process.

At the IDE, we’ve given a lot of thought to the future of work. We believe that the way forward is not to preserve the jobs of the past, but to create new paths for more people to share in the prosperity that digital technology creates. Last year, to put these beliefs into action, we launched the first Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) to show that technology can build a future that works for more people—and it’s that the future is already underway.


Read the full blog here.