Analytics Lab (A-Lab)

In the MIT Analytics Lab (A-Lab) student teams select and deliver a project using analytics, machine learning, or other digital technologies to solve business problems.

The course, which runs each fall semester, is presented by the IDE and is part of MIT Sloan School of Management’s suite of Action Learning offerings. The course is led by IDE faculty Sinan Aral and Abdullah Almaatouq.

During its first six years, A-Lab has attracted a total of 400 students from a dozen MIT departments to work on over ninety projects spanning IoT, digital technology, platforms, finance, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, medical supply chains, workplace safety, and global health. 

Some projects are tightly focused on dilemmas organizations currently face, which requires students to quickly understand particular business circumstances and domains before performing their descriptive, predictive, or causal analysis. Other projects are more open-ended, and students must think entrepreneurially about how to bring new value to existing data and suggest frontiers for future business opportunity.

The course is open by permission to MIT graduate students advanced in data analytic skills and functional experience.

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