IDE Lunch Seminar Series - Fall 2018

December 11, 2018

These informal lunch seminars include early results from current MIT research projects and guest presentations from our Digital Economy network.

Please note: In-person attendence at the seminars is currently by invitation only, however, a live webcast will be available via the link below, and recordings will be made available post-event (unless noted otherwise).

Seminars run 12:00pm-1:00pm. The Fall 2018 series includes:

September 25 - Morgan Frank (MIT Media Lab); view video.

October 9  - Daniel Rock

October 23  - Nicholas Economides

November 6 -  Christos Makridis

November 20 - Sunny Feng Han

December 3 - Yannis Bakos​

December 11 - Ivan Werning

The live webcasts will be streamed here. Check out previous semesters' seminars here.