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MIT IIC Global Grand Prize Gala

November 08, 2018

All Day UTC

Awards Gala 2017 Stage
Event site The MIT IIC Global Grand Prize Gala is an invite-only celebration to be held at MIT on November 8, 2018. Twenty Regional Winners from Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America — vetted from over 1,500 global registrants by in-region experts and chosen by Selection Panels at regional celebrations — will vie for $1 million. The 20 celebrated organizations represent exemplar working, scalable solutions that harness technology to include more people in the digital economy and broaden opportunity. The MIT IIC was launched by the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy three years ago to help speed the transition to a high-growth and high-opportunity digital economy. $1.6 million is awarded annually to recognize and promote people and organizations across the globe that are working towards this critical goal. The Gala, attended by regional experts, prominent members of academia, leading entrepreneurs and business leaders, funders, and media, is the culmination of a year-long search for organizations that are impacting the future of work today. The IIC believes that Inclusive Innovation is an economic and moral imperative, and that the key question of our era isn’t what technology is going to do to our economy and society, but what we will do with technology. Media interested in attending the event and/or covering the 2018 IIC Winners may contact Shannon Farrelly at