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San Francisco: Machine, Platform, Crowd

June 20, 2017

All Day UTC

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Location: The Village | 969 Market Street | San Francisco | CA 94103 Event site A revolution is underway. Smarter machines, powerful platforms, and connected crowds are reshaping the digital economy. We live in an era of growing complexity, but also one of vast opportunity for leaders seeking to harness technology for good. Following on Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee’s book, The Second Machine Age, and the work of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy, this conference will focus on what they are calling “the second phase of the second machine age.” A phase has a greater sense of urgency, as technologies are demonstrating that they can do much more than just the type of work we have thought of as routine. The last time new technologies had such a huge impact on the business world was about a century ago, when electricity took over from steam power and transformed manufacturing. Many successful incumbent companies did not survive this transition. Today, companies need to rethink the balance between minds and machines, between products and platforms, and between the core and the crowd. The second element of each pair has become much more capable and powerful within the past few years. This conference which will also launch Erik and Andrew’s third book, Harnessing our Digital Future: Machine, Platform, Crowd, will feature research and insights from MIT faculty and industry leaders who are driving change in the digital economy. Please join us and learn how we can bend the arc of the digital revolution toward productivity, prosperity, and growth. View the event site for additional details, including agenda and confirmed list of speakers. In partnership with the MIT Office of External Relations and the MIT Sloan Club of Northern California.