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2023 MIT Analytics Lab Winners Take the Prize!

Congratulations to the winning Team, MGSJ, representing Akkodis.

December 04, 2023

Pictured above,  from left to right, are: Abdullah Almaatouq, Tod Loofbourrow, Jennifer Jordan, Giorgio Demarchi, Srikaran Boya, Jan Philipp Girgott, Matea Gjika, Renée Richardson Gosline and Sinan Aral.


After a semester of hard work and collaboration between MIT students and leading business organizations, 2023 A-Lab is now part of a long-standing MIT history.

The 2023 MIT Analytics Lab (A-Lab) Final Presentations,  hosted by the IDE, took place on Friday, December 1, with 22 student projects representing 21 companies. An expert panel of judges made up of, Renée Richardson Gosline (MIT Sloan/MIT IDE), Jennifer Jordan (iGlobe Partners), and Tod Loofbourrow (ViralGains), had the difficult job of naming just one winner.

Ultimately, the trophy went to Team MGSJ representing Akkodis, for their project, “Leuven’s Sustainable Modal Shift.” The team, Srikaran Boya, Giorgio Demarchi, Jan Girgott and Matea Gjika (mentored by, Ravi Doddavaram), was recognized for the difficulty of the problem, according to judge Loofbourrow: “[You] had to solve for two things, had a mixed objective, and had to balance that objective,” he said. The team adeptly “helped the client to move the lever on that balance,” he said as he presented the trophy and congratulated the students on their excellent presentation. Akkodis is a technology and talent management company.

The runner-up was team FAB Tech, representing ClassHook. Their project “Learning Through Media: Classifying TV & Movie Clips by Academic Subject Area,” took second place based on the applicability of their project “not to replace humans, but to help humans,” according to Gosline. Team FAB Tech included: Fiona Aga, Vojta Machytka, Benjamin Rio, and Aditi Singh (mentored by, Mohammad Alsobay).

In the bronze position was team Data Ninjas representing CMA CGM for their project, “NLP/LLM Based Email Auto-Response Bot.” The students were praised for “the combination of the old rules-based system… with the large language learning model,” said judge Jordan. The team also allowed for “continuous learning with the customer.” CMA CGM is a global logistics company. Team Data Ninjas included: Raghav Manoharan Jayanthi, Jason Jia, Juan Pablo Armas Saenz, Maxime Wolf, and Nuobei Zhang (mentored by, Jeremy Toledano).