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Alex Pentland Talks About the Realities of the AI Age

September 27, 2023

MIT IDE research lead and long-time AI developer, Alex “Sandy” Pentland,  talked frankly about the perils and realities of the AI age we are entering–from legal challenges to job loss, data ownership to investment booms.

At the April Imagination in Action event held at MIT, Pentland spoke candidly about how “the next generation AI tools will use language learning models (LLMs) as common sense modules in intelligence systems that augment human thinking and production.

He also noted seriously that “the regulators are coming for AI,” so businesses need to be prepared for legal battles.

To stay ahead of the curve and the law, he advises business to “take the stance of assisting people, not replacing people,” and to keep good audit logs!

Finally, control of data is still king, he said, therfore, “how you work with and access personal, community, and proprietary data will determine much of your value” in the future.


Watch Pentland’s wide-ranging talk and read more in this Forbes article.