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Andrew McAfee On Why Technology — and The Geek Way — are Forces for Good

Andrew McAfee—cofounder and codirector of the IDE —talks about the impact of technology on our world in this recent McKinsey interview. He also previews  his upcoming book, The Geek Way. which will be generally available November 14.

McAfee spoke with McKinsey’s Asutosh Padhi about technology’s ongoing achievements and how specific types of “geek” innovators have pushed the envelope forward.

Here are some quotes from the interview:

“We are living through a period where technology has profoundly changed the game.”

… when the geeks come to town and take on an incumbent, they generally win. The geeks are obsessed with speed, iteration, experimentation, and delivering value on a very rapid cycle.

“The title of the book …s actually The Geek Way. Within it, I contrast the geek way with the traditional playbook built up over the industrial era.”

“When I look at the rapid progress that geek companies make, much can be traced back to their high rates of learning. The work is often more visible and has a fast iteration cycle; you learn very quickly what works and what doesn’t. This lends a major competitive advantage.”

“Every day as I scan social media, I encounter breakthroughs in AI, reasoning ability, and more that feel like science fiction to me. Yet there is still a discourse that focuses on the negatives. I appreciate the need to be vigilant, but I think we’re getting the balance wrong…

Sure, the digital economy is far from perfect, but it is one of the most transformative things that’s ever happened.

“We’re also still in the early innings, and I believe that’s cause for optimism and celebration.”

Read the full interview here.

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