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Andrew McAfee on Why the Next Industrial Revolution is Closer than You Think

January 20, 2017

IDE Co-Director, Andrew McAfee, describes what it is like “have a front-row seat as the next industrial revolution unfolds,” at a pace that’s even more rapid than the past.

In the video, produced by Project Breakthrough and the Atlas of the Future, McAfee discusses his role as a facilitator of the conversation about how tech progress is changing the world in profound ways and letting us “do more with less.” Industries from communications to education to health care are being transformed and technological  barriers are falling.

At the same time, he understands the disruption taking place and the urge by some to stem or slow the flow of progress. McAfee believes we have to “protect the future from the past” and those who are uncomfortable with the rapid pace of change.

Watch the full video here.


Also listen to McAfee’s comments on BBC radio about the acceleration of technological progress and how workers–at all levels–are being effected.