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Andrew McAfee’s Insights on Jobs, Automation and the Presidential Election

November 15, 2016


As a  U.S. presidential candidate, Donald Trump promised to bring back jobs from China and Mexico. But, according to MIT IDE co-director, Andrew McAfee, not only are those jobs not coming back — they don’t even exist anymore. Listen to the full NPR Innovation Hub broadcast : What Happened In This Election? Trump, Our Fears, and the Future, for Andy’s fresh insights about the type of economic change voters seek– and what they actually face.

Most recently, in a keynote address at the Dec. 1 ACS Reimagination 2016 Thought Leaders’ Summit in Sydney, Austrailia, McAfee, spoke about how the world is changing and who are the current winners and losers.

While he was bullish about the opportunities presented to the global economy during the digital age, McAfee, who is the co-director, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and principal research scientist at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, sounded a note of caution regarding the turbulence coming towards us.

“Technological advancement presents challenges to some category of workers,” he said, “and it’s the workers in the middle who are seeing the most change.” Read the full recap and Financial Review article, here.

In addition, Andy addressed the WSJ CEO Council conference in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 15, to discuss data-based decisionmaking and ‘geeky leadership,’ among other topics. Watch those videos here and here