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David Rand Wins Big – Twice

March 10, 2020


MIT Sloan Associate Professor of Management Science and Brain and Cognitive Sciences, David Rand, was recently lauded for his work–garnering two prestigious awards. 

Rand is the Director of the Human Cooperation Lab (HCL), which brings together researchers from across the social and natural sciences, using interdiciplinary methods and approaches. These include cognitive science, economic games, survey experiments, field experiments, dual process theories of decision-making, social networks, game theory, and computational modeling. The HLC and  MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) announced last summer that they will work collaboratively at the intersection of human behavior and digital technologies to offer better outcomes for health, the environment, and the world.

First, David has won the 2020 FABBS (Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences) Early Career Impact Award of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM).  This award recognizes “early-career scientists of FABBS member societies who have made major research contributions to the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior, especially those whose outstanding research contributions are accompanied by outreach activities that increase public awareness of science.”  This award will be presented in November at the SJDM Annual Conference in Austin, TX.

Additionally, David is a winner of the inaugural AMA-EBSCO Annual Award for Responsible Research in Marketing from the American Marketing Association (AMA). Financial support is from EBSCO in partnership with the Sheth Foundation and Responsible Research in Business & Management (RRBM) network.  The award honors outstanding research that produces both credible and useful knowledge that can be applied to benefit society. 

David’s nominated paper for the award, co-authored with Gordon T. Kraft-Todd (Yale), Bryan Bollinger (Duke Fuqua), Kenneth Gillingham (Yale), and Stefan Lamp (Toulouse School of Economics), is entitled “Credibility-enhancing displays promote the provision of non-normative public goods,” (Nature 563, 245-248 (2018)).  The paper was deemed to exemplify the Seven Principles of Responsible Research, in support of “better marketing for a better world.”  The award was announced last month at the 2020 AMA Winter Academic Conference in San Diego, CA.