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EF4: Intellectual Property and Patent Trolls w/ Lauren Cohen and Scott Kominers

November 30, 2015

This podcast discusses the economics of intellectual property and patents.


We are joined by Lauren Cohen of Harvard Business School and Scott Kominers of the Harvard Society of Fellows. We start the conversation by discussing why patents are so important. We then talk about the recent rise of non-practicing entities (often called patent trolls), who collect patents with the sole intent of using them to sue other companies. We then go into detail about Lauren and Scott’s research on whether these non-practicing entities do more good than harm. In the process, Lauren and Scott explain the hilarious case of the Samsung Ice Skating Rink in Marshall, Texas and what they think is the best way to change the patent system to prevent abuse from patent trolls.


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  • “Troll” Check: A Proposal for Administrative Review of Patent Litigation by Lauren Cohen, John Golden, and Scott Duke Kominers.