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New Book Preview: Andrew McAfee Unpacks ‘The Geek Way’

October 11, 2023

According to IDE co-director, Andrew McAfee, business leaders need to think more like geeks–but not the computer-based stereotype you may be familiar with.

In his upcoming book, The Geek Way: The Radical Mindset that Drives Extraordinary Results, McAfee says geeks are “obsessive mavericks” who are absolutely fixated on finding unconventional solutions to their business’ hard problems. They need to be situated throughout the organization, and you need to entrust them with the power to make real changes. More than that, their way of thinking has to permeate the norms of the business.

McAfee spoke with Harvard Business Rewview editor in chief, Adi Ignatius, recently to preview the book and to decribe its principals.

Watch the full interview here.

Read more and Pre-order the book before it’s November 14 release!