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IDE Researchers Weigh in on GPT, AI Labor Issues

April 11, 2023

As generative AI technology proliferates and improves, economists are weighing in on the labor market impact. Will there be widespread job displacement? What types of jobs and how soon? In Italy, the concerns got so elevated that the government

Several MIT IDE researchers were featured in recent news items discussing the topic. Wharton Assistant Professor and IDE Digital Fellow, Daniel Rock, recently co-authored a working paper, GPTs are GPTs: An Early Look at the Labor Market Impact Potential of Large Language Models, with some startling results: Approximately 80% of the U.S. workforce could have at least 10% of their work tasks affected by the introduction of GPTs, while around 19% of workers may see at least 50% of their tasks impacted. The results are still preliminary, but Rock spoke about the topic with Yahoo!Finance along with IDE Fellows Daron Acemoglu and Michael Schrage in this article.

Additionally, IDE research associate, Giorgios Petropoulos, spoke with Al Jazeera English on the implications of AI on work. Listen to the recording here.

Also watch him speak with CNBC on the topic here.