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MIT CIO Symposium Preview Part 2: How to Maximize Big Data, Digital Revolution

May 09, 2014

As noted, the 2014 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium will offer an all-star lineup of experts—from industry, academia, and CIO practitioners themselves—who will discuss, debate and debunk current trends and practices about the digital revolution now under way.

Among the highlights are several sessions featuring prominent MIT Sloan researchers and thought leaders. In particular, catch up with seven of MIT Sloan’s leading thinkers on the future of the digital enterprise as follows:

• Peter Weill speaks on the CEO Keynote Panel, “Creating the Digital Vision.”

• Erik Brynjolfsson is moderating the Academic Panel, “Are You Ready for the Shifting Frontier of Mind and Machine?” which includes his colleague, Tom Malone.

• Tom Davenport moderates the panel “Big Data, Analytics and Insights.”

• George Westerman is featured on the panel “CIO, CMO, CDO Perspectives on Digital Transformation.”

• Stephanie Woerner joins the panel “Evolve or Perish: Becoming the CIO of the Future.”

• Andrew McAfee concludes the formal presentations with “Closing in on the Second Machine Age.”

They offer frameworks for digital business models, mobilization techniques for collective intelligence and strategies for the new “human + machine” world.

Additionally, the MIT Sloan Management Review has created a complimentary download for friends of the Symposium. Go to What’s In Store for Your Digital Enterprise? for access to these articles. Two additional articles can be accessed directly:

  • How ‘Big Data’ Is Different By Thomas H. Davenport, Paul Barth and Randy Bean
  • The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation By George Westerman, Didier Bonnet and Andrew McAfe

Big data’s impact on the Digital Enterprise continues to accelerate. A key panel at the conference will focus on data as an enabler, and the idea that the true value of big data comes through the faster and better business decisions driven by analytical insights.

Big Data, Analytics, and Insights

In this session experts address their concept of big data and what their organizations are attempting to accomplish with it. They will also discuss the role of the data scientist in extracting value from that big data using advanced analytics tools and techniques. Examples will be presented from firms that are aggressively pursuing big data initiatives for predicting or optimizing future outcomes.

Join author and MIT Center for Digital Business Fellow, Professor Tom Davenport, as he guides a panel of experts including:

  • Barry Morris, Founder & CEO, NuoDB
  • Darrell Fernandes, CIO, Strategic Investment Products & Data, Fidelity Investments
  • Don Taylor, CTO, Benefitfocus

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