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New Video: Understanding The Hype Machine With Sinan Aral

July 17, 2020

In this in-depth interview, MIT IDE Director, Sinan Aral, discusses his upcoming book, “The Hype Machine,” with Techonomy editor, David Kirkpatrick. Among the highlights, Aral explains the phenomena of social media and what it’s doing to and for us. Aral makes the connection between human neurological responses and the consumption of social media–how we get “hooked” on online media use.

Then, he dissects social media’s impact not only on our democracy–elections, fake news, and foreign interference–but on us as individuals and as a society. How can we contro,l and yet benefit, from the pervasiveness of social platforms? How can we reap the potential and navigate the perils?

Watch the full interview here.

Pre-order the book before its September 15 publication or on Amazon.