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Podcast: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Global Economy

April 07, 2020


What will the post-coronavirus world look like? What changes will persist? These are among the most pressing questions to consider once we emerge from the health crisis itself.

Jonathan Ruane, a lecturer in Global Economics and Management at MIT and a Research Scientist at MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy, was featured in a podcast on Ireland’s TodayFM. Ruane, who also teaches entrepreneurship at Trinity College in Dublin, spoke about the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy now and the potential opportunities and changes likely to arise when business reopen.

 He acknowledged that most of the previous theories about the future of work are getting blown up since we are “no longer in a steady state. During irregular operations, standard ways are no longer relevant.” Global supply chains need to be re-evaluated, along with re-shoring, public health, trade, and investment decisions, he said.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Ruane also previewed a free, just-developed online course he is running on entrepreneurship with MIT professor Bill Aulet, and the Dean of the Business School at Trinity College. It takes place April 8 – 10. Registration information can be found at