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Renée Richardson Gosline Examines Human-AI Interaction

December 31, 2021


Human decisions are increasingly mediated by technology as we navigate input from “artificially intelligent” recommendation systems and outsource our cognitive load to algorithms. How are we benefitting and what is the harm?
Senior Lecturer in the Management Science group at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and lead Research Scientist in the Human-AI Interaction group at MIT’s Initiative on The Digital Economy, Renée Richardson Gosline recently joined the Learning from Leaders webinar series at the Center for Customer Insights at Yale SOM  to explore some of the factors that affect people’s perceptions of algorithmic input.
Enabled by digital transformation, firms have extolled the virtues of “frictionless” experiences – removing impediments and requiring less deliberation in decision journeys. But Gosline also explained how adding friction may actually be beneficial for minimizing harm and sharing value in customer experiences.
Watch the full video.