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Sinan Aral on AI Executive Order: “It’s Big, Bold, and Broad”

November 01, 2023

IDE Director, Sinan Aral, was featured on Yahoo!Finance this week responding to President Joe Biden’s executive order to rein in unfettered used of AI. Aral was asked to weigh in on the impact of the order and how these regulations could impact tech giants, and even pharma and biotech companies when it comes to product development and disclosure.

“This is big, it’s bold, it’s broad,” Aral said about the comprehensiveness of the regulation, suggesting it is a bigger step than Congress has taken to date. Aral said that bipartisan efforts are needed for personal data and privacy.

The order “has provisions for safety, for privacy, for equity, for workers, for competition and innovation, and leadership abroad. And it really targets those foundation models, the big AI companies, in terms of their safety and security standards,” he said. Provions require disclosure of AI training when federal funds are requested  “And it also is setting standards for detecting AI content, and watermarking it as being from AI.”

He added that as a result,

“this is going to affect biotech and pharmaceutical companies that use AI, [as well as] foundational AI companies, like Google, Microsoft, OpenAI. It’s going to affect anyone using AI to create content that is going out on social media or anywhere else on the internet.

Watch the full interview here.