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Measuring Synergy Between Traditional and Digital Media

May 09, 2016

Professors Glen Urban and Renée Gosline

Sponsor:  MassMutual


MIT has conducted a number of research projects on new and old media and their interactions.  The focus of this research has been on allocation between TV and Google/Facebook/banners and storytelling on social media.  MIT is interested in extending this stream of research by modeling the synergistic effects of TV and social media.  In this project we will undertake a controlled behavioral experiment in a consumer panel.  This is a five cell design and a sample of 1,500 consumers with forced exposure to alternative media in a natural environment.  This would be a pre/post and test/control design.  These measures will be integrated in a customer behavioral flow model which calculates the effects of the flow from awareness through brand attribution to trust and finally to consideration of MassMutual.