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The Role of Advanced Technology and Automation

May 09, 2016

Professor Erik Brynjolfsson and Dr. Yousef Alhammadi 


This proposal will address the pros and cons of automation in a pedagogical method.  It is the objective to establish a set of metrics that based on well-established surveys and case studies.  This proposal will give specific consideration to key industry sectors including aerospace, semiconductor as well as construction.  The specific goal of proposed research is two-fold: (1) re-examining the job market dynamics in general and more specifically in Abu-Dhabi, for the coming decade, under highly automated job tasks. This can be analyzed within different industrial sectors including strategic industries (such as oil and gas), knowledge-intensive industries (e.g., aerospace), labor-intensive industries such as construction and civil infrastructure; governmental sector; or renewable energy sector (2) Quantifying the economic gains and the accompanying socioeconomic effects, under different designed scenarios.  The ultimate goal of this research is to consolidate the study findings into a balanced roadmap to manage the newly established job-market dynamics as applicable to Abu Dhabi. The research will be multifaceted and will explore legislation, technical solutions, and business models to encourage economic growth, job creation and technological advancement, in addition to attracting and incubating entrepreneurial ideas.