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Leading Digital Video Part 2: What Common Traits Do Digital Masters Share?

May 11, 2015

Are there best practices and lessons that others can learn from businesses that have digitally transformed the way they work? Definitely yes, according to the authors of Leading Digital, Turning Technology into Business Transformation, (Harvard Business Press, 2014). While there is no one-size-fits-all elixir, making change and seeing quick results doesn’t have to be as wrenching as it sounds. That was the consensus during a recent panel discussion with the authors and MIT Sloan Management Review.

In Part 2 of our video excerpts, MIT IDE co-director, Andrew McAfee, MIT Research Scientist George Westerman, and Capgemini Senior VP, Didier Bonnet, describe some common approaches and tactics of digital masters. Among the most surprising themes to emerge: Top-down leadership can create and support dynamic change — even in basic and non-tech companies; zero-basing a business and viewing it with fresh eyes often leads to huge improvements.

Watch the excerpts below and see more from the panel in Part 1 here.