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New MIT Research Proves the Strength of Weak Ties on Social Media

New research published in Science, confirms the high value of distant connections on employment platforms.

September 15, 2022

Employment is a critical issue impacting the economy and it gained even more attention during the pandemic with the elimination or transformation of tens of millions of jobs around the world. As much of the economy becomes digitized, it is important to consider the effect of social media and social networks on jobs and labor creation.

A team of researchers from MIT,  Harvard, Stanford, and LinkedIn, recently conducted the largest experimental study to date on the impact of social media on the labor market. They proved that weaker social connections have a greater beneficial effect on job mobility than stronger ties. The study was led by recent Stanford and MIT PhD graduates Karthik Rajkumar and Guillaume Saint-Jacques, and included MIT Sloan School of Management and MIT IDE Director Prof. Sinan Aral, Stanford Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson, and Harvard Business School Prof. Iavor Bojinov,





Pictured  (left to right), authors: Sinan Aral (MIT Sloan), Iavor Bojinov (HBS), Erik Brynjolfsson (Stanford), Karthik Rajkumar (Stanford/LinkedIn) and Guillaume Saint-Jacques (MIT)