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Now Available! 2023 Platform Strategy Summit Report

It’s not easy to navigate today’s platform environment–nevermind predict the future! But with the help of industry and academic leaders, we offer 5 Key Trends that will guide platform businesses, users, and partners today and into the future.

Read the report below summarizing our expert panels and keynote speakers.

What are five of the most important trends to watch as platforms continue to gain clout? Where will the next challenges emerge?

At the recent Platform Strategy Summit held in-person at MIT, co-leaders Peter Evans, Geoff Parker, and Marshall VanAlstyne, offered technology and industry trends to watch. Primary among them:

  1. The role of AI;
  2. Global Regulation;
  3. The Circular Economy;
  4.  The rise of marketing Influencers and Creators,
  5. The transformation of Manufacturing

Find out what 300+ attendees learned at the recent forum.

Access the full event report below and download it here.

Watch the videos.

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