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The VC View of the Platform Market

August 17, 2017

vc chat

At the recent 2017 MIT Platform Strategy Summit, co-chair, Peter Evans, Principal at KPMG, noted that the top 50 platform companies now have a market capitalization of nearly $5 trillion. And the shift has been swift. As recently as 2011, the top publicly traded companies by market capitalization were in finance, energy, and industrials. In 2016, however, these traditional industries were displaced by much faster-growing companies that manage digital platforms — such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

To discuss these fast-moving trends, the Summit hosted a conversation between Andrei Hagiu, Visiting Associate Professor, MIT, (pictured, at right), and Simon Rothman, Partner, Greylock VC.

Read key excerpts of the discussion on Medium here.